Targan Empire

Began in 1100AC by the 3 founding tribes of the Nitagé whose names are lost, though many scholars speculate on which tribes were the founders.


Equitorial/southern hemisphere. To the west the Enatic Ocean, to the north Tumakulu Passage and Nitagé. To the north east the lands of Shaitun, to the east Republic Of Targ and finally to the south the Eternal Beach and the Frigid Seas.

Varied landscape of mountains, grasslands and savannahs. Very little volcanic activity.


Temperate for most of its area with sub tropical regions prevalent in the north. Experiences regular storms from the Enatic Ocean


Highly Techno-magic literate, invented and main producers of Magic Projectors. Democratic council of senators Presided over by the Triad, a group of 3 individuals elected by the Senate.

Targan Empire

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